SNEAK PEEK: SkyFly: Soar America attraction in Pigeon Forge now open

By Alaina O'Neal VIA

There’s always something new to see in the Great Smoky Mountains, and the newest attraction has officially landed.

And now it’s ready to take off in flight with you, to see all the nation’s greatest landmarks.

SkyFly: Soar America is now open in Pigeon Forge at The Island.

What is the SkyFly?

The SkyFly: Soar America attraction is a brand new ride inside The Island in Pigeon Forge. It’s a “flying theater” where guests will have a completely immersive experience as they soar above some of the most iconic locations in the United States.

This new attraction was reportedly a whopping $20 million investment and even includes music by Nathan Padgett, an award winning composer.

A 70-piece orchestra recorded the soundtrack in the heart of Nashville’s Music Row at Ocean Wave Nashville Studio, according to the attraction’s social media page.

The SkyFly attraction features intricate, detailed decorations throughout the building (photo by Alaina O’Neal/

My experience on the SkyFly in Pigeon Forge

During the attraction’s soft opening, a few lucky individuals were able to preview this brand new attraction for free.

Obviously, I was delighted to be among those lucky few.

And I have to say, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The outside is beautiful, but in my experience, standalone rides are typically a little cheesy and underwhelming.

But not this one.

I was genuinely impressed. I mean, sure, The Island itself is one of the newer attractions in the Smokies, and it’s a beautiful area that includes many modern features.

But stepping into SkyFly feels kind of like being transported to the newest, biggest attraction at Universal Studios or Disney World for the day.

A series of videos will play as you wait for the ride to prepare you for your flight (photo by Alaina O’Neal/

The inside of SkyFly is absolutely gorgeous, with intricate detail throughout.

You have a few videos to watch as you wait in line to get you excited for your adventure.

And when you’re ready to step on the ride itself, the kind staff will tell you several times that “every seat is a front seat” – and that’s definitely accurate.

After you’re safely strapped in, the floor beneath you disappears, and suddenly, you’re actually flying.

As you ride, you can’t see anything else in the room. You truly forget where you are as you soak in the views and fly through the air like a bird, feeling the wind (and even some mist) on your face throughout the journey.

The ride is not too intense, and it is suitable for all ages. But yes, it does move. It reminds me of a gentler version of Thunder Road from Dollywood back in the day, or rather, the ride that took its place — the Smoky Mountain Wilderness Adventure.

However, saying that would be too simple. This is a ride that delivers what those rides couldn’t. It’s clearly far more immersive and advanced, a product of modern technology that others before it attempted, but couldn’t quite achieve.

Before the ride begins, a “clam shell” closes over your seat so you can be right in front of the immersive screen (photo by Alaina O’Neal/

How much does SkyFly cost?

At the time of this writing, an adult ticket for SkyFly is $22.99 per person plus tax. Children age 11 and under can fly for $17.99, and seniors can fly for only $19.99.

To buy tickets online and reserve a time slot, click here.

The ride itself, including the pre-ride videos, takes only about 10 minutes or so to experience (as a rough estimate).

However, since this is a new attraction, I’d recommend setting aside a healthy amount of time if you plan on including this adventure in your day.

New attractions are typically met with grand enthusiasm, and wait times may be long if you do not plan ahead.

As with most rides, SkyFly exits at a gift shop (photo by Alaina O’Neal/

Is SkyFly open in Pigeon Forge?

SkyFly is now open in Pigeon Forge.

If you’re a local, note that the SkyFly attraction is currently hiring for ticket sellers, ride operators, show attendants and more. Go to for more information.

Where is SkyFly in Pigeon Forge?

The new SkyFly attraction is located next to the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel inside The Island.

The Island is famous for the Ferris Wheel, its multi-million dollar show fountain and shopping and dining opportunities.

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The Island is free to enter and offers free parking. The Island is located at 131 The Island Drive, Pigeon Forge, TN.

Have you ridden SkyFly: Soar America yet? Let us know in the comments!  

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