BloopLoop: Dynamic Attractions & Yessian Music put Nashville spirit in Tennessee’s first flying theatre

By Charlotte Coates VIA blooloop

Immersive audio is customised for each frame of SkyFly Soar America

Dynamic Attractions, a leading creator of cutting-edge theme park rides, has worked with Yessian Music to finalise the soundtrack for its new flying theatre at The Island in Pigeon Forge. SkyFly, Soar America will open this summer and is a co-venture between Dynamic Entertainment and the popular theme park in Tennessee.

Now, the soundtrack for The Island at Pigeon Forge’s new centrepiece attraction has been created, thanks to Yessian Music, adding a truly regional flavour and patriotic feel to the flying theatre.

Immersive audio

Brian Yessian, Chief Creative Officer of Yessian Music, says: “We had the unique opportunity to use a full orchestra of talented musicians from Tennessee and connect world-class, local talent to this attraction. Some of the best musicians in the world reside close to SkyFly’s location making this a truly home-grown experience.”

A 70-piece orchestra worked on the soundtrack, drawn from the heart of Nashville’s ‘Music Row’ at Ocean Way Nashville Studio, where famous stars such as Tim McGraw, Celine Dion, Dolly Parton, and Carrie Underwood have recorded there.

“Our musical team created, wrote and scored an outstanding immersive audio, customised for each frame of SkyFly’s filmed adventure,” says Guy Nelson, CEO of Dynamic Technologies Group. “I predict people will be blown away when they visit this attraction.”

A carefully crafted theme

Award-winning composer Nathan Padgett composed the music and says: “Each theme was carefully crafted to complement the stunning visuals of majestic American landmarks. The music intensifies each rise, turn and drop, and makes the grand landscapes larger than life.” 

This isn’t the first time that Yessian Music and Dynamic Attractions have worked together. In fact, the company has created sound for five other flying theatre attractions designed and built by Dynamic.

“Our job is to compliment both the film and the ride vehicle in a way that enhances emotions for the guests,” says Yessian. “The music and sound design we are composing for these attractions creates a memorable audio experience that people can directly connect to the ride. It simply heightens the realism of the experience.”

“Anytime we get to work with the teams from Dynamic, we know it is going to be a hit. Having the chance to work on high-quality fly ride attractions and combining that with original music scores performed by a live orchestra creates pure excitement and enjoyment for our teams.”

Speaking of his visit to Pigeon Forge to finalize the music, Yessian adds: “We are excited to dive into the onsite venue mix to bring this all to life and create a world-class experience for guests.”

Earlier this year, Dynamic Attractions announced that its parent company, formerly known as Empire Industries, is now operating under the name of Dynamic Technologies Group. This change of name is thanks, in part, to Dynamic Attractions’ success with high-tech attractions for global theme park operators.

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