In Park Magazine: SkyFly opens as main attraction at The Island in Pigeon Forge

By IPM News VIA In Park Magazine

One of North America’s newest flying theaters, SkyFly: Soar America, opened on July 8 as the signature attraction at The Island in Pigeon Forge entertainment park in Pigeon Forge, TN. The attraction blends ingenuity, family and Americana, all packaged into a striking steampunk setting.

“This adventure ride will thrill everyone and will quickly become a top reason for families to visit the Smoky Mountains and Pigeon Forge,” stated Clay McManus, The Island’s executive who co-led the attraction development in partnership with Dynamic Entertainment to create this exciting attraction.

“It takes a tremendous team effort to develop a world class attraction like SkyFly and to integrate everything into an exhilarating, memorable, family experience,” stated Mike Carroll, Dynamic’s executive who co-led the attraction development along with McManus. “We look forward to seeing The Island in Pigeon Forge soar to new heights.”

“From the exterior, it’s complex and curious,” explained Mason Schmitz, of P+A Projects which designed the building. “Inside is a fully themed attraction, telling a stirring, whimsical and exhilarating story. Guests enter an inventor’s workshop, where their anticipation peaks and they board an ‘airship’ to ride above some of the most famous places in the United States. Dynamic out did themselves; guests are going to love it.”

“With over 12 million visitors to the region each year, SkyFly: Soar America couldn’t be better located,” stated Guy Nelson, CEO of Dynamic Technologies Group, who co-developed SkyFly. “The Island in Pigeon Forge attracts and entertains families and guests of all ages. It is one of America’s favorite places to eat, shop, play and stay. And now they can ‘fly’ there too, aboard the best flying theater attraction yet.”

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