Rules & Regulations

WARNING: Riders will be exposed to loads exceeding their normal weight.  Persons with significant health problems are not permitted to ride.

  1. The minimum height for riders is 40” and the maximum height is 76”.  Children between 40” and 55” tall must be accompanied by a responsible adult in the seat next to them.
  2. Safety devices must remain fastened.  Individuals who are unable to be secured by the restraint system due to handicaps, extreme body shape or size, or ability to assume a normal sitting position are not permitted on the ride. 
  3. Remain seated at all times.  Leaning out of the ride seat, sticking out arms or legs is prohibited.
  4. Smoking, Vaping, Eating, or Drinking is prohibited.
  5. Shirt and shoes must be worn.  Loose clothing must be secured.
  6. Photography and videography are prohibited.
  7. Loose articles are not permitted and must be stored in the under-seat compartment.  Oversize bags must be left with a non-rider.
  8. Knives, firearms, and weapons of any kind are prohibited.
  9. Umbrellas, walking sticks, and other pointed objects are prohibited on the ride.
  10. Sky Flay: Soar America is not responsible for items left, lost, stolen, or damaged in the building.
  11. Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs are prohibited.
  12. No animals of any kind are permitted on the ride.
  13. Guests with the following conditions are not permitted to ride
    1. Heart Conditions or High Blood Pressure
    1. Back or Neck Pain
    1. Motion Sickness, Dizziness, or Epilepsy
    1. Sensitivity to flashing lights
    1. Claustrophobia
    1. Pregnancy
  14. The film is shown in an Alternate Viewing Room for individuals who are unable or unwilling to ride.  Guests with Epilepsy, sensitivity to flashing lights, or claustrophobia are not permitted in the Alternate Viewing Room. 

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